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Jason McAuliffe Headshot.PNG

Partner and Broker

Jason McAuliffe, partner and founder of Clearvision Carolina Real Estate, is fully engaged in being a client-focused agent. The mindset that keeps him focused is:

“When you understand true agency, being an instrument of your client’s needs, then you understand what real estate brokerage is.”

His motivation comes from being raised by a family of small business owners, and an engineering approach to problem-solving. A self-starting mindset is that only focus and motivation will bring results, and an engineer’s approach is to use every tool available to bring the odds to your favor for success.

A graduate of Kettering University, Jason has worked in sales and marketing since 2002.  He has a wealth of knowledge in multifamily, single-family, and commercial development.  

The focus of Clearvision Carolina is to initiate and broker properties for infill multifamily housing in Charlotte, NC using our unique, in-depth method of analyzing and marketing the property for redevelopment. We bring skills and connections to our clients, to help them execute a plan to sell property on their terms.

“Our unique skillset allows us to maximize the value received by our clients and maximize the potential of our buyers and sellers"

When he’s not working, Jason enjoys time in Charlotte with his family Kelly, who is a social worker, teacher, and mother of Connor (5) and Jude (2).

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